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In addition to conducting highly fair and transparent information disclosure, we engage in a range of IR activities in order to deepen communication with our shareholders and investors.

Basic Policy Concerning Information Disclosure

We do not merely comply with laws and regulations concerning disclosure; we also proactively disclose information concerning our management policies and our business content, based on our Policy Concerning Information Disclosure, in order to deepen the understanding of our shareholders and investors.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

(1) Philosophy behind dialogue with shareholders and investors

We proactively engage in constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors to achieve sustainable corporate growth and medium- to long-term increases in corporate value. We engage in direct discussions, led by executives in charge of IR, in conjunction with our IR Division that fosters reciprocal dialogue between companies and shareholders. To ensures timely and appropriate transmission of information the IR Division has formed an IR Information Disclosure Committee with the President as the chairman, and discusses IR activities in general, as well as working to collect information through participation in information exchanges and meetings, etc., with each division in each company. The opinions, etc., of shareholders and investors are periodically provided as feedback to management and other areas within the company; thus they are reflected in management strategies.

(2) Specific activities

We conduct IR events, such as factory observations to supplement financial results briefings and individual interviews. Transmitting information via our email newsletter, besides publicizing each type of IR information, such as timely disclosure via our website, and in the shareholder newsletter, makes swift and fair disclosure of information.

In 2015, deepened understanding of its business through booth tours for institutional investors at JASIS2015 in September and SEMICON Japan 2015 in December, and by holding the Naka Region Factory Observation for individual shareholders in August.

In 2015, booth tours were organized to deepen understanding of the Group’s business. For institutional investors, JASIS 2015 and SEMICON Japan 2015 were held in September and in December respectively. For shareholders, it invited them to the Naka Region Factory Observation in August.

Shareholder Factory Observation