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In addition to conducting highly fair and transparent information disclosure, we engage in a range of IR activities in order to deepen communication with our shareholders and investors.

Basic Policy Concerning Information Disclosure

We do not merely comply with laws and regulations concerning disclosure; we also proactively disclose information concerning our management policies and our business content, based on our Policy Concerning Information Disclosure, in order to deepen the understanding of our shareholders and investors.

Shareholders' Meeting

Hitachi High-Tech considers the general meeting of shareholders a place for all shareholders to exercise their voting rights, and in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code, which establishes the general meeting as a place for constructive dialog between the company and its shareholders, the Hitachi High-Tech Corporate Governance Guidelines state that the company will strive to provide early and accurate information and establish an appropriate schedule for the general meeting of shareholders in order to ensure an environment in which all shareholders can properly exercise their voting rights and to contribute to substantial discussions with shareholders.
At the regular general meeting of shareholders Hitachi High-Tech allows the exercise of voting rights by internet, so that shareholders who for example live far away can exercise their voting rights, and the company participates in the "Voting Rights Exercise Platform" to enable investors residing outside of Japan and institutional investors like pension funds and investment trusts to properly exercise their voting rights.
Furthermore, Hitachi High-Tech publishes announcements of the convening of regular general meetings of shareholders and other disclosed documents (in Japanese and English) on its website at least three weeks in advance of a regular general meeting of shareholders.
In order to allow detailed insight into the Group's management state and business content, Hitachi High-Tech also uses commentary and slides to conduct explanations of business reports and consolidated accounting documents etc., and after the conclusion of a general meeting of shareholders carries out out a survey of participating shareholders regarding the general meeting in order to work on improvements and the like for the handling of general meetings of shareholders in subsequent years.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Philosophy Behind Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

We proactively engage in constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors to achieve sustainable corporate growth and medium- to long-term increases in corporate value. To promote dialogue with shareholders and investors, we engage in direct discussions, led by the executive in charge of Investor Relations (IR), in conjunction with our IR Division. The IR Division has also formed an IR Information Disclosure Committee, chaired by the President and CEO, which discusses IR activities in general, while also working to collect information through participation in information exchanges and meetings, etc. with each division in the Company, and ensuring timely and appropriate transmission of information. The opinions, etc. of shareholders and investors are periodically provided as feedback to management and otherwise within the Company, and are reflected in management strategies.

Promoting Understanding for Analysts and Institutional Investors

As a means of promoting dialogue with analysts and institutional investors, the President and CEO attends the second quarter and year-end financial results briefings, and explains the results forecasts and management strategies in person. We also strive to conduct direct dialogue through periodic visits to Japanese institutional investors by either the President and CEO or the executive officer responsible for IR, as well as individual visits to overseas investors in the US, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. The IR Division actively promotes understanding of the Group, such as by holding approximately 250 meetings per year, including telephone conferences, with Japanese and foreign institutional investors.

Communication with Individual Investors

We work to promote understanding of the Company through a section of our website exclusively for individual investors, which introduces our Corporate Vision and business content. We also work to include substantial non-financial information on the website, in addition to financial information, to enable investors to gain a deeper understanding of the Group's business activities.

Main IR Activities in FY2018
IR Activities Aimed at Institutional Investors Times
Financial Results Briefing 4 (including 2 briefings by the President)
Overseas IR
(US, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore)
Conferences Held by Securities Companies 2
Meetings with Anaylists and Institutional Investors Cumulative 258 briefings
IR Activities Aimed at Individual Investors Details
Briefing at Securities Company Branch 2
Observation Tour for Individual Shareholders Tour of the Naka Division's Factory (August)

Photo of Shareholder Factory Observation
Shareholder Factory Observation