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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Questions About Earnings and Other Financial Data

Q.When do you announce earnings?

We hold earnings announcements every quarter. Please see IR Calendar for our earnings announcement schedule. The planned date of the next earnings announcement will be posted around one month in advance, so please refer to Investor Relations.
Our earnings reports and presentation materials for earnings announcements will also be made available, so please view these materials in Financial Results on the Company website.

Q.What kind of publications do you have for investors?

We publish Integrated Annual Reports. In addition, we put presentation materials used for large meetings. Please refer to Financial Results.

Questions About Stock

Q.Where is the Company listed?

We are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q.What is your securities code number?

Our securities code number is 8036.

Q.What is your stock trading unit?

It is 100 shares.

Q.How many shares has the Company issued in total?

The total number of shares issued is 137,738,730.

Q.Who are your major shareholders?

Please refer to Stock Information for the latest information on our major shareholders.

Q.Do you offer any shareholder benefits?

We do not offer any shareholder benefits at this time.

Other Questions About Hitachi High-Tech

Q.When was the Company founded?

The Company was founded on April 12, 1947. We initially sold scientific instruments and other products as Nissei Sangyo Co., Ltd. On October 1, 2001, we changed our name to Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation upon business integration with the Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Group of Hitachi, Ltd. On February 12, 2020, we changed the company name to Hitachi High-Tech Corporation. Based on this determination, “Hitachi High-Tech,” a name that is already widely recognized by stakeholders.

Q.Where are your main operating bases located in Japan and overseas?

Please refer to Global Network for information about our branch offices and affiliated companies in Japan and overseas.

Q.Where can I find information on recent topics concerning the Company?

Please refer to News & Events.

Q.I have a question regarding a more detailed matter. How can I contact the Company?

Please send your inquiry using the contact form below.