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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

1.Positioning of the Mid-term Management Strategy

Hitachi High-Tech has embraced the corporate vision of consistently becoming to be Global Top in high-tech solutions. Guided by this vision, the Company has been advancing businesses with a mission to turn customers into fast-moving creator of cutting-edge businesses. Moreover, based on its Long-term Management Strategy, Hitachi High-Tech has established policies for each of its three business domains of biotechnology and healthcare, social and industrial infrastructure and advanced industrial systems, along with working to strengthen its business portfolio by shifting resources to growth fields.
Hitachi High-Tech has formulated a Mid-term Management Strategy running from FY2016 to FY2018 in order to implement concrete strategies and measures based on its business portfolio strategy, and thereby accelerate further growth toward 2020.

2.Details of the Mid-term Management Strategy

(1)Basic Policy

  • Transform to more customer -centric organization
  • Transform to autonomous and decentralized organization

(2)Mid-term Management Strategy Policy

Keep profits by main business, and promote resource strengthening and investments

Until FY2015, Hitachi High-Tech had invested resources in refurbishing buildings damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake and in restructuring unprofitable businesses. However, under the Mid-term Management Strategy from FY2016, the Company has positioned the three years through FY2018 as a crucial period for forming a growth cycle for 2020. Accordingly, the Company’s policy is to consistently keep profits by main business, and promote resources strengthening and investments. In keeping with this policy, Hitachi High-Tech will proactively implement strategic investments in R&D and other areas.
In the course of executing the Mid-term Management Strategy, Hitachi High-Tech will embrace a management approach that classifies business into “Instruments” and “Materials” according to business model characteristics, instead of the traditional approach of management by segment. Hitachi High-Tech will establish value propositions and targets in both of these two new categories in conjunction with advancing business in each area.

3.Mid-term Management Strategy Targets

Under the Mid-term Management Strategy, Hitachi High-Tech has set targets for business goals, investment strategies, and shareholder returns. The Company will strive to achieve its growth strategies to reach those targets.

For Further information, please see Mid-term management strategy.