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February 5, 2013

Hitachi Develops New Innovative Tape Feeder -SLFeeder- for Chip Mounter

-Improve Operation Efficiency and Placement Quality-

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TOKYO: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech) announces the introduction and global release of our new and innovative SL (Super Loading) Feeder which has been developed for use with Hitachi's Surface Mount Systems and designed to significantly improve customers operational efficiency and pick & placement quality with stable component loading.

Traditionally, operators have been required to connect or ‘splice' a secondary reel of components to an existing component supply just before the final components are processed to maintain continuous operation and avoid machine stoppage. Hitachi's newly developed SL Feeder is an automatic, self-loading feeder that allows the addition of a secondary reel supply in the same feeder any time during operation, thus reducing operator labor, while improving line efficiency. Furthermore, the SL Feeder design removes the necessity of splicing materials needed by a conventional feeder which will enable increased productivity and reduces materials costs by no longer having to purchase splicing materials. This splice-free, continuous operation will also resolve an issue that has plagued electronics assembly customers for years, ‘unskilled operators'. SMT line operation will no longer be affected by an operator's inadequate splicing skills. Any operator can quickly and efficiently resupply feeders, avoiding machine stoppages any-time during machine operation.

When using Hitachi's SL feeder, cover tape will be disposed of with the carrier tape by the SL feeders' newly implemented cover-tape processing method. Since the cover-tape stays attached to the carrier-tape at all times, there is the added benefit of a dramatic reduction of dust particulates and/or paper fibers generated through the use of a conventional feeder and improved component feeding accuracy and stability while reducing machine maintenance. Through the use of Hitachi's SL Feeder, equipment operation will be more efficient and contribute to improved utilization and component placement quality.

Super Loading Feeder

The SL Feeder is developed and manufactured by Hitachi High Tech Instruments Co., Ltd. (President Yutaka Mitsumochi, Kumagaya, Saitama, Japan) ,which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi High-Tech. Compatible with Hitachi's Sigma series high speed modular mounters and backwards compatible with the previous generation GXH series mounters, Hitachi High-Tech will provide sales and marketing of the SL Feeder with Hitachi's Surface Mount Systems to electronics assembly customers such as smart phone/ tablet PC manufacturers as well as electronics manufacturing service (EMS) companies.

Hitachi High-Tech will, through the use of new, ongoing cutting edge technologies help benefit and continue to support maximizing our customer's value.


Hidefumi Maeda, Masanobu Yano
SMT & Assembly Systems Dept. 1,
SMT & Assembly Systems Div.,
Electronic Device Systems Business Group,
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Tel: +81-50-3139-4039

Media Inquiries

Reiko Takeuchi, Aiko Matsumoto,
CSR & Corporate Communications Dept.,
CSR Div.,
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
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