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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

January 30, 2014

Establishment of an Overseas Subsidiary in Russia

-Accelerating business development in automobile and new industry markets-

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TOKYO: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech) on January 17, 2014 established Hitachi High-Technologies RUS Limited Liability Company (Hitachi High-Tech Russia) in Moscow in the Russian Federation (Russia).

Russia is continuing to develop against a backdrop of economic growth based on resources, primarily oil and natural gas. At the same time, the country is concentrating on developing its manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, and fostering new industries. These trends are expected to produce further business opportunities. Moreover, Russia has liberalized its trade and markets, and invigorated them, by joining the World Trade Organization in August 2012. Russia is expected to develop in many fields in addition to energy resources, including automobiles, social infrastructure, and science and medicine.

Hitachi High-Tech established a presence in Russia with an office in Moscow in 2007, and has focused mainly on conducting market surveys as regards automobiles and social infrastructure-related components. As a result of the surveys and marketing conducted so far, Hitachi High-Tech expects new business opportunities to arise in Russia, and has therefore established Hitachi High-Tech Russia as a local subsidiary able to conduct business transactions in and outside Russia.

Hitachi High-Tech Russia is aiming to achieve net sales of 10 billion yen by 2018 through strengthening the Hitachi High-Tech Group's partnerships with local and other foreign companies, expanding the Group's global purchasing business, and developing business in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Going forward, Hitachi High-Tech will make full use of the global sales and sourcing capabilities of the Hitachi High-Tech Group to actively promote development of business in new fields and regions as it seeks to expand business further in global markets.

Outline of Hitachi High-Tech Russia

Company name Hitachi High-Technologies RUS Limited Liability Company
Location Moscow, Russian Federation
Address 26 Pravdy Street, Moscow, 125040, Russian Federation
Tel +7-495-9339925
President Kenzo Shimayama
Business activities Sales of industrial-use equipment, scientific instruments, industrial and electronic materials, software, and related services
No. of employees 6
Establishment January 17, 2014
Capital 30 million rubles
Main shareholder Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation 100%

Media Inquiries

Reiko Takeuchi, Aiko Matsumoto
CSR & Corporate Communications Dept.,
CSR Div.,
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Tel: +81-3-3504-7760

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