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Graduate Recruitment Site Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Education & Training Program
/Welfare Program

Our Group believes that a company's true asset is its people, and that improving the value of each and every person
is directly linked to creating sustainable value for the Group as a whole.
Based on this belief, we are committed to developing education and training for all employees, under the key human resources development principle
that "improving our global human resources fosters a corporate culture that encourages global growth."

Education & Training Program

Our education and training program focuses on developing human resources who can play an active role on the global stage.
We systematically provide training through a planned approach by stratification (including Sales training) and technology/skill orientated categorization.

We are actively involved in sending young employees overseas from early on, so that they become human resources
who are able to handle business from a global perspective.
Overseas training is conducted through a one-year overseas training scheme and a short-term overseas deployment program for young employees.

In addition, in terms of support for career development, we offer support through career training
for separate age groups, so that we can offer thorough support
that takes into account the meaning, significance and values of work for each of our employees.

Welfare Program

We have a variety of employee welfare schemes, such as our housing scheme, which ensure that employees and their families can lead comfortable lives with peace of mind.


Dormitories are available at each of our sites for new recruits who are unable to commute from home. (Age restrictions apply)

・Housing Support Scheme
There are various types of assistance available to help new recruits and transferred employees choose a home and reduce financial burden. (Conditions apply)

Leisure Facilities/
Members-Only Resort Clubs

We have well-equipped leisure facilities and services so our employees can enjoy their free time. We also have contracts with leisure facilities and resort clubs across the whole of Japan, which are available for employees to use.

Days Off/Vacation

Two full days off per week. Days off per year, including national holidays: 125 (FY2020). In addition, our vacation scheme offers a generous 24 days of annual paid vacation. Furthermore, we encourage employees to take their full vacation by setting dates when annual vacation should be taken in blocks. We are also working to promote a variety of vacation schemes that are tailored to an individual's stage of life.

Assets and Savings

Saving regular deposits from salaries and bonuses with a financial institution allows employees to effortlessly build up personal savings and assets.


Kindergarten-finding service, in-house club activities, and various insurances such as car insurance and fire insurance, etc. (subscription available at the Hitachi Group price), company pension scheme (provided in addition to the government pension, so that employees can enjoy a more comfortable retirement).

Work/Life Balance

We are promoting work style
reforms and developing various
vacation schemes so that each
and every employee feels
motivated and wants to work,
while also being able to meet
their childcare and
nursing commitments.


We respect a wide variety of
sensibilities and values, and
we are actively involved in
fostering a corporate culture
and enhancing systems so that
each and every employee has
the ability to achieve their
full potential.

Social Contribution

We fulfill our social responsibility
as a corporate citizen by
continuing to promote social
contribution activities in order
to solve societal issues.