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Hitachi High-Tech's Materiality

The Hitachi High-Tech Group has defined Materiality, taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which establish targets to be achieved and common rules for international society, for the purpose of clarifying how the Group can be of use in the world and what kind of social issues it can solve by leveraging its business characteristics and business models. Under the 2021 Mid-term Management Strategy, Hitachi High-Tech Group sets specific action plans and targets to achieve these Materiality topics at each five areas of Materiality that we have identified, and we will develop business activities. Based on this Materiality, we will proactively play a role in achieving the SDGs by promoting CSR efforts, and increasing the value we provide to society to the maximum. The Hitachi High-Tech Group will proactively contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through the following specific actions.

Basic Ideas and Visions

Materiality Basic Ideas and Visions Activity Goals Results
Materiality 1Contributing to a Sustainable Global Environment Corporate management in harmony with the global environment plays an important role in the sustainable development of society and companies. In addition to reducing resource and energy consumption as well as the environmental impact associated with business activities, the Hitachi High-Tech Group aims to achieve sustainable consumption and production through the provision of environmentally-conscious products and services as well as initiatives throughout the value chain.
  1. Realize a decarbonized society
  2. Realize a recycling-oriented society
  3. Realize a society in harmony with nature
Materiality 2Contributing to Healthy, Safe, Secure Lives "Healthy, safe and secure lives" is a common desire for all people. By further mastering the "Observation, Measurement, and Analysis" (measurement and analysis technology) that we have cultivated up until now, the Hitachi High-Tech Group will contribute to a future where people can continue to live healthy and fulfilling lives, centered on three fields of medicine, water/ food, and social infrastructure.
  1. Expand access to preventive medicine
  2. Ensure the safety of water and food
  3. Ensure the safety of social infrastructure
Materiality 3Contributing to the Sustained Development of Science and Industry Contributing to the Sustained Development of Science and Industry
  1. Development of science and technology
  2. High-efficiency production sites
  3. Global development of production technology
Materiality 4Establishing a Sound Management Foundation Establishing a sound management foundation is essential for the sustainable growth of a company. In order to increase corporate value over the long-term, Hitachi High-Tech Group will strive to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance and aim to be a company that is trusted and needed by society.
  1. Realize sound governance
  2. Ensure product safety
  3. Realize a CSR-based supply chain
Materiality 5Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources It will be crucial to continuously provide creative and innovative values to customers and society in order to succeed against competitions in the global market while realizing sustainable growth. Hitachi High-Tech Group recognizes human resources responsible for providing value as one of the most invaluable management resources, and aims to foster reform-minded human resources who are able to create continuous innovation.
  1. Promote diversity management
  2. Promote diverse cultivation of human resources
  3. Ensure healthy, safe workplace environments