Hitachi High-Tech employees have taken part in WorldSkills Competitions seven times.

WorldSkills Entrants

The first WorldSkills Competition was held in Spain. Today, sixty countries including Japan take part, with young technicians from around the world competing in 46 skill categories.

Participation in WorldSkills is granted to those 22 years of age or younger who earned a gold medal at a national skills competition the year before the international competition.
So far, Hitachi High-Tech entrants have earned 4 gold and 2 bronze medals at WorldSkills.

Our employees have earned 71 medals at the National Skills Competition in Japan from 1970 to 2014.
Keisuke Takeda won gold medals in milling at two consecutive National Skills Competitions (2013-2014). He is the first to achieve this feat in this category.
Gold Medal Winners in 2 Consecutive Years 1 in history
Data are current as of March 2015.