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Highly Eco-conscious Factories and Offices

We are working on climate-change countermeasures (global warming countermeasures) aimed at realizing a decarbonized society, the improvement of resource utilization efficiency (by thoroughgoing promotion of recycling and other such measures) aimed at realizing a resource efficient society, and the prevention of pollution by appropriate management of chemical substances and other such measures aimed at realizing a society in a harmony with nature. These efforts are based on Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050 and Hitachi High-Tech Group’s Materiality.

Eco-Factories and Offices

Hitachi Group assesses its environmentally conscious factories and offices, and certifies those that have achieved targets as "Eco-Factories & Offices Select" These are introduced on the website. Hitachi High-Tech Group sites are also certified.

Group Company Initiatives

Information about the environmental conservation activities and initiatives of our Group's regional and Group companies are disclosed in site reports and on websites. Please see the following links for details.

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