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Self-Evaluation of Environmental Activities


The Hitachi Environmental Activity Self-Evaluation System GREEN21-2021 provides a quantitative evaluation of the achievements in environmental activities for each fiscal year in terms of the four categories of "Environmental management," "Decarbonized Society," "Resource Efficient Society," and " Harmonized Society with Nature." The evaluation results are then given visual form on radar charts and incorporated in our environmental activities. The actual results for the Hitachi High-Tech Group in FY2021 show that for a target of 320 points, we achieved 329 points and met the target. In items with lower activity levels, however, we will examine and implement improvement measures with the aim of raising the activity level.

FY2021 Targets and Results

image:FY2021 Targets and Results

* Average for Hitachi High-Tech manufacturing sites, Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems, Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corp, Hitachi High-Tech Science Fuji Oyama Works, and Hitachi High-Tech Kyushu Corporation.

Evaluation Item

Category Main content of evaluation
(1) Environmental management Global environmental management, regulatory compliance, development of human resources for environmental activities
(2) Decarbonized society Reduction of CO2 emissions (sites, products and services), utilization of renewable energy
(3) Resource efficient society Effective utilization of water and resources
(4) Harmonized society with nature Ecosystem conservation activities, management of chemical substances

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