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Export and Import Management

Through an approach based on ethics and integrity, and putting right and wrong over profit and loss, we are striving to ensure thorough compliance, with the aim of building an enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders.

Export-Import Management

Basic Approach to Export Management

We comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (Foreign Trade Act) and agreements related to international trade in order to contribute to international peace and safety through export management.
In addition to respecting the laws, regulations, and other such requirements in foreign countries where we have business connections, at the same time we are also improving our system of control and our in-house regulations, and we are managing our export-related operations. Furthermore, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to leverage the knowhow that we have accumulated through our export management as efficiently as possible in import support tasks and audits.


We have put in place independent export management departments consisting of director with representative authority as chief executives of export management. We also establish auditors and authorizers at each headquarters. They judge whether it is necessary to apply for export permission for products and technology in a department, and they conduct audits of transaction contents.


[Plan] Formulate a Plan for the Fiscal Year

  • We will formulate plans for training and audits.

[Do] Implement Various Examinations, etc.

  • We check for concerns about the customer or purpose in all transactions.
  • We determine whether any products or technology to be exported are subject to legal restrictions.
  • Instructions are issued for appropriate procedures in accordance with the results from audits of transaction contents.

[Check] Identify Problems and Their Causes

  • We regularly carry out audits to confirm conformity with laws and internal regulations concerning exports.
  • Upon discovering an event that could lead to an export management incident or grounds for confusion in decision making in terms of only laws and regulations, we investigate the cause, consider necessary measures to avoid risk, and take improvement and corrective actions.

[Action] Revision/Improvement

  • We provide education on export management to employees in response to the circumstances and considering their knowledge, experience, and field, in line with the latest laws and regulations, in order to increase awareness of export management and prevent incidents. In order to provide flexible support for remote working, we have also introduced e-Learning to make it possible to receive export management education at any time and any place, and we are working to improve the content of that education.
  • We are developing infrastructure such as by making a database of information on determining applicability and making an electronic system for internal processes.


  • We are improving business management through proactive participation in external organizations’ events related to security export controls, obtaining the latest information and ascertaining industry trends at an early stage and conveying them in the company and throughout the Group, and revising internal regulations when necessary.
  • We are working hard to have the opinions of private enterprises and industry reflected in laws and regulations.

Results of Activities in FY2021

  1. Education on export management was provided in Hitachi High-Tech and Group companies in Japan (more than 11,000 participants in all).
  2. Audits of export management were implemented at Hitachi High-Tech and at 21 Group company sites in Japan and overseas (the introduction of remote audits conducted online was implemented due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Basic Approach to Import Management

We have established an import management system in order to effect thorough compliance with domestic laws relating to the regulation of imports. Specifically, we have established internal regulations relating to import transactions, and made it clear that our legal review procedures include confirming whether the articles to be imported are regulated by domestic laws before import occurs. If they are regulated, ensuring that steps to ensure compliance are thoroughly implemented.
We provide on-site assistance for import-related tasks and conduct compliance management in order to be able to exhaustively apply for all permissions and approvals, etc. required by law.

Results of Activities in FY2021

  1. Education to maintain awareness of compliance in import management provided in the company and Group companies in Japan (more than 900 participants in all)
  2. Consultation on legal research and compliance provided concerning direct import transactions
  3. Audits of compliance with import management laws implemented in the company and at nine sites in Group companies in Japan(the introduction of remote audits conducted online was implemented due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic)

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