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Compact Instrumentation System PD-N01

Compact Instrumentation System PD-N01

Hitachi compact instrumentation system, “PD-N01” is a newly conceived instrumentation system that enables advanced and complex analog control of temperature, flow rate and pressure by implementing an operation module of the distributed control system (DCS) for the programmable controller (PLC).
New concept instrumentation that utilizes the inheritance of the advantage of DCS such as powerful analog control function, rich monitoring and control software group and software assets and is compactified for the easy availability of hardware.


1.Full-scale Instrumentation System Composed of a General-purpose Computer and a PLC

The system adopts a general-purpose PC and a PLC, so it can be introduced at a lower initial cost. Further, maintenance costs can be reduced since the customer handles the maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

2.Supports Complicated Analog Control with a DCS Operating Module

Complicated loop control and sequence control is made possible with a PLC equipped with a DCS operating module. The system can achieve a high-level of continuous control and batch control, which conventional PLC instrumentation was said to be poor at.

3.Full Monitoring Operation Software and Engineering Tools are Available

A complete set of monitoring operation software necessary for handling graphics, trend and logs is available as standard. The engineering tools come equipped with the instrumentation oriented language SLC, which has a good track record in the Hitachi EX series, allowing the customer to construct a system easily.

Controller appearance



Hitachi Compact Instrumentation System PD-N01 System Scale
Number of stationsOperator's Console 4 unit *1
Controller 16 units
Operator's ConsoleClient operation control 4 units/terminal server
Printer 4unit *2
Monitoring/operations scaleNumber of instrument display tagsLoop 2,048
Sequence 512
Valve/motor 4,096
Number of trend displaysReal time 6,144
Batch 2,048
Number of graphic screens 512
Recipe managementNumber of recipes 200
Number of data elements/recipes 500
Number of categories 4
LogsNumber of processes
(Regular report/batch report)
Number of reports 128
Number of data collected 256/process
Number of operation guides 8,192
Number of user alarms 8,192

*1 Total number of POC and terminal servers

*2 Number of units per POC.

Hitachi Compact Instrumentation System PD-N01 Controller Specification
Control scale of controller *3
(Per unit)
Analog input 128
Analog output 128
Digital input 1,000
Digital output 1,000
Monitoring/control loop 128
Sequence map 80
Timer counter 512
Valve motor 256

*3 Depending on the hardware configuration, the number of signals that can actually be used may be restricted.


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