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FMR204A High-performance Electromagnetic Flowmeter

FMR204A High-performance Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Hitachi has identified the needs for flow measurement and has always offered up-to-date solutions. The FMR204A series of flowmeters are high-performance electromagnetic flowmeters leveraging Hitachi’s experience and expertise, which are also used for large-scale water processing facilities.


FMR204A Series High-Performance Electromagnetic Flowmeter

FMR204A features the reliability that withstands severe operating environments and high functionality that provides user convenience.

  • A variety of functions is already in place
    Controls for multiple ranges, flow direction, flow switch, self-diagnosis are provided as standard. Analog/total-flow pulse signals for reverse flow can be output separately using an optional control.
  • Reflection switches for better operability
    The infrared reflection switches allow the setting of different functions without opening the cover.
  • Easy-to-read indicator
    The indicator is a backlit liquid crystal display. The number of digits displayed has increased from 6 digits to 8 digits.
  • Compatible with commercially available cables (model FMR204AW)
    The sensor and converter are connected via a commercially available two-core cable (CVV-S). The cable length can be extended up to 1,000 m.
  • An immersion-proof high performance model has been added (model FMR204AR)
    An immersion proof sensor suited for installation in areas affected by temporary floods or vibration-prone sites was recently added to FMR204A lineups.
  • Enhanced waterproof property (model FMR204AU)
    The conventional buried-type waterproof design was enhanced and developed into a submersible type (IP68).
  • Earth friendly environment adaptive product
    The power consumption has been reduced compared to the conventional products. (Compared with FMR204U / FMR204AU can reduce 50%)


Lineups and configuration examples

FMR204AW(High performance immersion proof type, Compatible with commercially available cables)

FMR204AW is a high-performance, immersion-proof flange-type* flowmeter (compatible with commercially available cables). The built-in amplifier in the sensor enables cable extension of up to 1,000 m using a commercially available two-core cable.


FMR204AR(High performance immersion proof type, Used with a dedicated cable)

FMR204AR is a high-performance, immersion-proof flange-type* flowmeter (used with a dedicated cable). The model is suited for installation in areas affected by temporary floods or vibration-prone sites.


FMR204AU(High-performance submersible type (buried type), Used with a dedicated cable)

FMR204AU is a high-performance, submersible flange-type flowmeter. The waterproof structure of the sensor is enhanced for long-term use under water.



FMR204A High-Performance Electromagnetic Flowmeter Major specifications

Classification Immersion-proof type (compatible with commercially available cables) Immersion-proof type (used with a dedicated cable) Submersible type (buried type)
ModelSensor FMR204AW FMR204AR FMR204AU
Converter EFM204AW EFM204AU
Cable type Commercially available cable Dedicated cable
Piping connection Wafer type: diameter 2.5 - 40 mm
Flange type: diameter 50 - 2,600 mm
Flange type
Diameter (mm) 2.5、5、10、15、25、40、50、80、100、150、200、250、300、350、400、450、500、600、700、800、900、1000、1100、1200、1350、1500、1600、1800、2000、2200、2400、2600 50、80、100、150、200、250、300、350、400、450、500、600、700、800、900、1000、1100、1200、1350、1500、1600、1800、2000、2200、2400、2600
DesignSensor IP67 (immersion proof type) IP68 Submersible type (buried type)
Converter IP66 (water-proof type)
Flow measuring range Minimum range 0 - 0.1 m/s, maximum range 0 - 10 m/s in terms of flow velocity (varies depending on the diameter)
Accuracy +/-0.5% of reading (varies depending on the flow velocity and diameter)
Output signalFlow signal 4 - 20 mA DC, load resistance: 1 kΩ max.
Total flow pulse signal Transistor contact (open collector) 1 pulse/h to 1,000 pulses/s
Contact signal A combination of up to five parameters selected among multiple-range, flow direction, flow switch, self-diagnosis
Display Instantaneous flow, total flow (backlit graphical liquid crystal display)
Optional function (1) Reverse flow output signal (flow, total flow pulse)
(2) External contact input (remote range switching, zero clamp)
Fluid temperature – 20°C to 120°C (Varies depending on the lining material, pressure etc. Non-freezing)
Ambient temperatureSensor – 20°C to 60°C
Converter – 10°C to 60°C
Power supply 100 /110 V AC, 50/60 Hz, or 24 V DC


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