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FMR504A Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter

FMR504A Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The FMR504A electromagnetic flowmeter is ideal for measuring flow velocity and flow rate in water pipelines- it eliminates the total cost, including the construction cost.


  • Construction can be carried out without interrupting the water service by fitting a commercially available corporation stop with saddle.
  • Space-saving can install it in a short time and can largely reduce a cost of construction.
  • Available for large diameter piping.
  • Desorption is easy and bring excellent maintainability.
  • Compatible with commercially available cables.
  • Can calibrate actual flow rate with a user-specified flow rate.


FMR504AW・FMR504AR Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter Product Specification
ItemFMR504AW (with pre-amplifier)FMR504AR (with terminal box)
Nominal diameter 100–1000 mm
Configuration Separate Type (Combination of sensor and converter)

Attachment for the corporation stop with saddle (coupling G2.1/2) or flange JIS G 3443-2 F12 80A (WDF8) or flange JIS B 2220 10K 50A (J10F5)

Output Analog output: 4–20 mA DC (damping: 1–100 s)
Total flow pulse output: transistor contact (open collector, no-voltage)
Flow Rate Integration Can set integration for forward, backward, forward-backward difference or simultaneously forward and backward.
Ambient temperature range -10℃ to 50℃
Measured media Tap water: temperature 0°C to 50°C (non-freezing)
Power supply 100 /110 V AC, 50/60 Hz, (18 VA) 24 V DC, (10 W)
Power Consumption MAX 18VA(AC Power)、MAX 10W(DC Power)
Data Display Instantaneous flow rate value:8-digit digital display (select % flow rate, actual flow rate or flow velocity)
Flow rate integration value:8-digit digital display (select flow rate integration value or number of integration pulses)
Note 1:select two among % flow rate, actual flow rate, flow rate integration value, number of integration pulses and flow velocity to display them in two lines
Note 2:All data of % flow rate, actual flow rate, flow rate integration value, number of integration pulses and flow velocity can be displayed cyclically.
Cable connecting the sensor and converter Commercially available cable Two-core CVV-S cable 2 mm2 1000 m max. Signal: X-3CSD cable for signal Excitation: X-2CD cable for excitation 300 m max.

FMR504A insertion electromagnetic flowmeter is for the pipe of water supply system, cannot be used for the fluid with foreign matter, adhesive substance or corrosiveness such as river water, agricultural water and sewage.

In this series, there is a FMR504AW that has a preamplifier in the detector side and a FMR504AR that has a terminal box. FMR504AW can be wired with commercially available cables due to the built-in preamplifier, however, should be avoided to install in the vibrating pipe or the place where the flooding is possible. For such case FMR504AR (with terminal box) is recommended.


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