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LRR300 Electric Wave Type Level Meters

LRR300 Electric Wave Type Level Meters

The LRR300 electric wave type level meters is a measuring instrument that uses microwave technology to measure the level of the liquid surface having a dielectric constant. It measures the water levels of the city water and sewage facilities, waterway, tank and dams, and then converted to 4-20mA DC signal and sent out. Also, in a non-contact object that to be measured, because it contains no mechanical moving parts, it is a reliable instrument.


  • Because it uses feeble electric waves, there is no restriction to use it in locations such as cities, rivers, and seas (Feeble electric wave equipment confirmed)
  • Because it uses microwaves, the measuring object is not affected by the temperature, the pressure and the wind. It is possible perform measurement in an environment with a lot of water vapor.
  • Because it employs non-contact, no mechanical moving parts, it is a reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Because it has a built-in calculation functions, you can also calculate the storage capacity of the tank.
  • Because it adopts two-wire system, and the power supply voltage is 24V DC, installation is easy.


LRR300 Electric Wave Type Level Meters Product Specifications
Measurement Principle Microwave pulse time measurement
Model/Measurement range LRR300-4:0~10m
Measurement Accuracy ±10mm below or maximum distance of ±0.2% (When measurement span is more than 1m)
Power Supply Voltage 20~36V DC (Two-wire system)
Load Resistance 180~810、at 24V DC Power supply voltage: 330below
Output 4~20mA DC
Display Display :LCD(Digital:5 digit、Bar graph display)
Updating cycle : 1 / second
Item : Measurement : Level, Distance / Unit of measurement: m
Ambient Temperature -20~60℃
Design Water resistant standard IP65
Materials Case : Aluminum Die cast
Cone Antennae : SUS316
Weight LRR300-4:3.3kg
Frequency Strength 35µV/m below (Verified by weak electric wave equipment in isolated locations at 3 m)

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