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Model LUR-A Type Ultrasonic Level Meters

Model LUR-A Type Ultrasonic Level Meters

Model LUR-A type ultrasonic level meter measures the level from the propagation time of ultrasonic waves. It can be used in various facilities, starting from measuring the liquid level of city water and sewage facilities, the liquid level of a liquid medicine tank, and can also be used as a weir flowmeter (each type of weir, Parshall flume, etc.) by having a built-in linear analyzer.


Can perform measurement on a non-contact liquid surface, high reliability because there are no mechanical moving parts, easy to maintain.


Model LUR-A Type Ultrasonic Level Meters Product Specification
Measurement Range 0~0.2m―0~0.5m
Measurement Object Liquid
Condition of the Liquid Surface No ripples, bubbles, nor foreign material (scum etc.)
Accuracy In a level linear signal(still liquid level): ±1% of span
In a flow linear signal: ±2% of span
Dead Distance 0.3m (Set the measuring instrument 0.3m above the maximum solution)
Sensor-Converter Distance 100m below by the designated cable connection
Output Signal 4~20mA DC
Response Time 5,20,100 seconds (3 Steps switch)
Power Supply Voltage 100V AC、110V、200V、220V50/60Hz
Power Consumption Approx.12VA
Weight Approx. 9kg

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