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NWR-2W Float Type Level Meters

NWR-2W Float Type Level Meters

The float type level meter is two-wire transmitter that indicates on a pointer scale the detection obtained by the up and down movement of the float on the surface of the water of dams, reservoirs, and water tanks and converts 4-20mA DC electric signals at the same time.


  • High reliability for the detection of water level, and has a float-type structure with proven results.
  • Can send out alerts (Alerts are selectable from upper limit, lower limit, upper and lower limit, above the upper limit, below the lower limit)


Measurement Principle Potentiometer method
Format and Measurement Range 1~25m
Measurement Accuracy ±1.0%FS
Power Supply Voltage 24V DC ±10%
Power Consumption 0.02A
Load Resistance 0~600Ω (When power supply voltage is 24V DC)
Output 4~20mA DC
Display Indicator: red fluorescent
Display angle : Approx. 250°
Ambient Temperature -10 to 50℃
Materials Case: Aluminum die cast
Float: Vinyl Chloride or SUS316
Weight: SS41 or SUS304
Rope: SUS304 or 4 Fluoride Resin Coating at SUS316
Weight Body:10.0kg
Additional Functions Alert: Up to two alerts can be installed
Contact Capacity: 100V AC 1A
Setting Range: Full scale
Operating Range: Full Scale at Approximately 90%

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