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MES System for Food Factory CyberChefood

MES System for Food Factory CyberChefood

The CyberChefood is a manufacturing management system for food factories that provide the safety, security and efficiency regarding food production.

Special Features

Prevention of work errors

  • Manages the expiration date and raw materials during weighing and input to prevent incorrect handling.
  • The weight value is displayed in bar graph, and managed so that it is possible to weigh the materials as directed.

Centralized management of inventory

  • Displays the raw materials, quantity, storage location, and the expiration date.
  • Updates the inventory from acceptance to production in real time.

Search by traceability function

  • Can quickly display which raw material was used, and when and how the product was produced.
  • Can do a cross-search of raw materials and products through the "trace back" and "trace forward" function.

Feature Highlights

In accordance with the work orders that were created by each of the steps in the manufacturing reservation function, you can register the work track record in each process. Work orders can be flexibly changed according to the production volume, and the necessary amount of raw materials can be deployed automatically. By managing the results of each steps, traceability can be implemented.


Detailed Functions

Raw materials receiving and inventory management functions

  • Lot management can be performed through the issuance of the raw material label during reception.
  • Inventory status can be searched from the location of weighing to the manufacturing tank.
  • Management of the expiration date of raw materials per lot unit is possible.

Subdivision / Weighing management function

  • Through a hand-held terminal, the reading and recording of two-dimensional code of raw materials label can be done.
  • Through the double, triple check function, weighing errors can be prevented.
  • Work records are created automatically.

Input and manufacturing management capabilities

  • Instructions can be sent to the field workers (work terminal) manufacturing facility (DCS, PLC *, etc.) at the appropriate time.
  • Even in the mixed manual procedures and machine operations, centralized management is possible.
  • Centralized management of work results and process data can be done also.

Manufacturing reservation function

  • Rather than daily manufacturing reservation, the required calculation of raw materials needed can be performed on the day of production.
  • Based on the results of the calculation of the required amount, weighing and input instructions can be implemented on each type of work order.

Traceability function

  • Which raw material was used, when, and how it was produced is displayed.
  • Through the adoption of the browser system, the system is accessible not only from the factory but from other departments as well.

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