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Integrrated Batch Production System HIBIS

Integrrated Batch Production System HIBIS

The integrated batch production system HIBIS is a system that integrates manufacturing management and operation control, supports batch operation of manual operation and automatic control mix, and streamlines the overall management of the batch plant.

Special Features

Achieve the system integration of manufacturing management and operation control

Centralized management by Batch Integration (BI) sheet of mixed automated control and manual operation of batch process based on the easy-to-use distributed control system (DCS). Can also be coordinated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Centrally manage records related to the production of a batch plant

Generates integrated lot reports of production records such as performance data and alarm in order to automate the creation of management documents. Can also satisfy Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) / Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements.

Providing a flexible product-type management by a structured control system

Complies with the international batch control standards. Contributes to the plant having multiple capabilities.

Feature Highlights

Digital management through integrated system


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