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Work Management System

Work Management System

By using the handy terminal, you can record the operation of the production site, and help make the work more efficient and prevent mistakes in inspection work.

Special Features

Helps support the work through precise operation instructions

  • Prevents work and inspection errors through precise instructions.
  • Automatically collects work results.

Prevents work errors

  • SOP (standard operational procedure) data is sequentially displayed on the PDA, enables you to work without making errors by just following the instructions.
  • By using a bar code reader function of the PDA, you can do a status check of devices and equipment.

Enables you to easily create work orders

  • Enables you to build work orders in Excel.
  • If there are changes in the work, you can re-register at the operator.

Can also be used in explosion-proof areas

  • The system can be installed to the terminal corresponding to the explosion-proof areas in the chemical synthesis plants, and other factories.

Feature Highlights

Introducing the flow starting from registration of work order - field work - to collection of track record.

1. How to create a work procedure

  1. Create an order in Excel.
  2. Save the file that you created in the folder on the terminal side.

2. Field work

  1. Carry the mobile terminal from the office to the actual work site, and perform the work according to the instructions.

3. Retrieving the work results

  1. Open the folder and retrieve the work results from the terminal to the PC.

Screen Image Introduction

Introduce a screen image of the work management system.


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