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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Worldwide Parts Supply Service

We are able to meet our customers' wide range of requests by ensuring a stable supply of parts and consumables, and even peripheral equipment and actual equipment, which help support the reliability of our customers’ equipment and systems.

We ensure the optimal use of equipment by providing quick and reliable consumables and parts of equipment / system used by our customers, together with providing stable operation of existing equipment and system Thus, in behalf of the customer, we make use of state-of-the-art logistics know-how and IT and provide real-time centralized management of delivery history and parts information.

Main Products

Service parts and consumables for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment,Medical Instruments,Analytical Instruments,Electron Microscopes which are manufactured by Hitachi High-Technologies.



HPLC column

Main Services

  • Sale of various peripheral devices:
    We sell various peripheral devices that help improve equipment performance and user-friendliness of analytical equipment and electron microscopes.
  • Providing parts and consumables:
    From our company’s dedicated web site, we sell periodic replacement parts and consumables of systems from Hitachi High-Technologies.

*The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.