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Focused Ion & Electron Beam System nanoDUE'T NB5000

The dual-beam FIB-SEM integrates a high-performance 40 kV FIB column and an ultra-high-resolution Schottky field-emission SEM column. By using dedicated fabrication template patterns for automatic lift-out, fabrication processes from fiducial marking to specimen lift-out can be automated. For lamella thinning, the fabrication process from rough milling to fine-finish milling can be automatically executed. The Mill and Monitor function allows for observation and capture of sliced images for 3D image reconstruction and for internal structural analysis. A variety of holders are available including those that are application specific, and their compatibility with Hitachi TEM/SEM products realizes high throughput and ease of use.


Ultra-high performance FIB

The low CsFIB optics*2 deliver 50 nA or more of beam current (@40 kV) in an about 1 µm spot size. The high current enables unconventional large-area milling, hard material fabrication and high-throughput multiple-specimen preparation.

New Micro-sampling

Hitachi's patented Micro-sampling technology provides smooth probe motion. Also, the probe can be used for newly developed absorbed current imaging*1 to aid fault isolation.

High-precision end-point detection

High-resolution SEM allows high-precision end-point detection. Section-view function, which displays an outline of the cross-section utilizing the real-time FIB image, is ideal for preparing electron-irradiation-sensitive specimens such as low-K material.

High-resolution SEM

Hitachi's unparalleled SEM column and detector design*2 enables high-resolution SEM imaging during and after FIB fabrication.

Holder compatibility with TEM/STEM*1*2

A side-entry STEM/TEM-type staqe*1 allows the use of the same specimen holder (compatible with NB5000 and Hitachi TEM/STEM). No tweezer handling of specimen during transfer results in higher-throughput TEM/STEM analyses.

Optional accessory
Hitachi patent: Low Cs FIB optics: patent pending, Micro-sampling: JP2774884/US5270552, Section-view function: patent pending, SEM column and detector design: JP3081393/US5387793, Holder compatibility: JP2842083


FIBAccelerating voltage 1 - 40 kV
Beam current 50 nA or more @40 kV (CP)
SIM resolution 5 nm @40 kV (CP)
Magnification ×60 - ×250,000
Ion source Ga Liquid Metal Ion Source
Lens system Low Cs 2-stage electrostatic lens system
SEMAccelerating voltage 0.5 - 30 kV
SEM resolution 1.0 nm @15 kV(CP)
MagnificationHigh Mag mode ×250 - ×800,000
Low Mag mode ×70 - ×2,000
Electron source ZrO/W Schottky emission
Lens system 3-stage electromagnetic lens reduction system
Signal selectionSEM Upper SE, Lower SE, Absorbed current*1
FIB Lower SE, Absorbed current*1
Eucentric stageTraverse range X: 50 mm (30 mm*2),
Y: 50 mm (30 mm(*2)), Z: 22 mm
T: -1.5 - 58.3°, R: 360°
Sample sizeMaximum diameter Φ50 mm (Φ30 mm*2)
DepositionMaterial Tungsten/Carbon (changeable)
Micro-samplingProbe exchange Load lock type
Additional function Touch sensing, Absorbed current imaging*1

CP:Beam Cross Point

:Optional accessory
:When side entry stage is ordered

Application Data


Ultrafast milling

Specimen: Si device
FIB accelerating voltage: 40 kV
Ion beam current: 70 nA
Pattern size: 30 × 30 um


High resolution 30 kV STEM imaging



Specimen: NAND flash memory
STEM accelerating voltage: 30 kV


High-precision site-specific lamella preparation

3X NAND flash memory
Specimen: 3X NAND flash memory
Observation: HD-2700 Aberration -corrected STEM (Accelerating voltage: 200 kV)


3D elemental distribution analysis (3D EDS)

Solder bump
Specimen: Solder bump
Cutting interval: 100 nm
Number of cut: 222
SEM accelerating voltage: 10 kV


Material Science

Uniformly thick (±5%) lamella preparation using flip holder

Observation/analysis: HD-2700+Gatan Enfinium®


High resolution orientation analysis (TKD analysis)

Copper wire
Specimen: Copper wire
(a) Band contrast map
(b) Band contrast map (enlarged view)
(c) IPF map (Z-direction)
(d) IPF map (Y-direction)
SEM accelerating voltage: 30 kV
Remarks: High resolution orientation analysis (TKD analysis)


Life science

Cryo serial FIB sectioning and 3D elemental distribution analysis

BSE image (accelerating voltage : 3 kV)
BSE image (accelerating voltage : 3 kV)

BSE image (accelerating voltage : 3 kV)
BSE image (accelerating voltage : 3 kV)

3D reconstruction

Specimen: emulsion (frozen)


Article information on Hitachi technical magazine "SI NEWS"

Article information on Hitachi technical magazine "SI NEWS"
This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments. Those authors are notable researchers and Hitachi application engineers. This is an Focused Ion & Electron Beam System nanoDUE'T NB5000


Hitachi FIB Application Data

Technical magazine

This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.