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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Process Gas Monitor

This system measures toxic components contained in gas in quite small quantity, small-quantity components adhered to material surfaces, etc., at high speed and high sensitivity.


  • Uses atmospheric pressure chemical ion source – ion trap mass analyzer for high-precision measurement. (MS/MS function)
  • Column-less direct sampling for high-speed measurement. (Several seconds and so forth)
  • Continuous measurement by means of the pipe connection or easy high-speed measurement in the wiping method
  • Movable with casters
  • Automatic concentration calibration by adding standard samples (Optional)



Site Manufacturing plant / Work environment
Measuring Object Volatile organic compound / Nonvolatile organic compound
Measurement Method Atmospheric chemical ionization + Ion trap mass spectrometry
Detection Lower Limit(*) Nano gram´Ż×
Installation Location Indoor (Movable)
May differ depending on the targeted object and gas component