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FMR102A Digital Transmission System Electromagnetic Flowmeter

FMR102A Digital Transmission System Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Features the reliability that withstands severe operating environments and high functionality that provides user convenience.


FMR102A digital transmission system electromagnetic flowmeter employs a high-performance digital two-wire transmission. (In communication, it will use the dedicated converter Model EFM102A.) The detector is a wafer-type and flange type.

  • Increase in Functionality
    Analog/integrated pulse output for local directive are added as a new feature.
  • Eco-friendly, energy-saving design
    Power consumption has been reduced from conventional models. (About 50% reduction compared to the conventional models FMR102W:65VA and FMR02AW:30VA)

Configuration Examples


Major Specification
Classification Digital two-wire system
ModelSensor FMR102AW FMR102AF
Converter EFM102A
Cable Type Commercially available cable (two-core CVV-S/2mm2
Piping Connection Wafer type Flange type
Diameter (mm) 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600
DesignSensor IP67(immersion proof type)
Converter With no protection(Corresponding to IP30)
Flow measuring range Minimum range 0~0.1m/s、maximum range 0~10m/s in terms of flow velocity (varies depending on the diameter)
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading(varies depending on the flow velocity and diameter)
Output SignalFlow Signal 4~20mA DC load resistance:1kΩ max.
Total flow pulse signal Transistor contact(open collector) 1 pulse/h to 1000 pulses/s (output from sensor)
Contact Signal Total flow pulse/ self-diagnosis selectable(output from sensor)
Display Instantaneous flow, total flow (backlight graphical liquid crystal display)
Fluid Temperature -20 to 120℃(Varies depending on the lining material, pressure etc. Non-freezing.)
Ambient TemperatureSensor -20 to 60℃
Converter 0~50℃
Power Supply AC100V/110V 50, 60Hz