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Consistency Transmitter for the Sugar Manufacture Plant

Model CMT-4 Consistency Transmitter drives the motor according to a motor power supply signal from the Model X-CMT-4 Consistency Converter and transmits to the converter a motor current signal corresponding to consistency of the massecuite in the vacuum pan.



  • The hardness of the crystal is detected directly through the blade of the motor tip, making it ideal for the measurement of the hardness of massequite.
  • The output of converter is 0-20mA DC, so the trend from graining up to crystal growing completion can be extended and measured in the whole 4-20mA DC range.
  • The motor load can be switched into three stages through the converter. Various type of sugar such as white sugar, granulated sugar, soft brown sugar, and lower grade sugar can be measured.

Configuration System Diagram

1. The solid line shows the pipework, the dashed line shows the wiring.

2. The pipework and wiring must be prepared by your company or by the construction builders.

3. The head tank, filter, rotor meter, drainage guards must be prepared by your company or by the construction builders.


Fluid Turbidity CMT-4
Measurement Range 0~∞
0:When the motor is idle
∞:When the motor is locked
Measured ObjectType Massequite (Can be used for a wide variety of sugars, from white sugar, granulated sugar to soft brown sugar and lower-grade sugar)
Temperature 30~90℃
Material of Crystal can packaging SUS304
InstallationConnection JIS10K 50A RF Flange(Specified JIS10K 65A RF is possible)
Position Elevation within 30° angle horizontally
Purge WaterWater Quality City water
Water Pressure Approx. 100kPa (Constant pressure supplied from the head tank)
Piping Connection Rc1/4 internal thread
Ambient Temperature 5~50℃
Weight Approx.10kg