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ELR200 Series Hitachi Immersion-Type Level Transmitter

Hitachi renovated the lineup of immersion-type level transmitters.
The pressure sensors—the heart of the level transmitters —employed in the new series are Hitachi’s highly reliable, well-proven semiconductor pressure sensors.

The sensors detect eligible pressure changes and provide stable measurements from a minimal level change in low level water to a large level change in dams. As proven by Hitachi pressure gauges used in severe chemical plant environments, the precision and long-term stability of the sensors will be well demonstrated under a variety of different conditions.


Easy-to-operate with a flexible design

The flexible designs offered by the selection of models support a wide range of applications from artesian wells to low-level measurements and fulfill the needs for sewage (optional) as well. The sewage type employs a diaphragm protective cover with PET film to enhance maintainability. It also incorporates a highly corrosive-resistant FEP cable. Furthermore, the communicator (optional) remotely sets and modifies the measuring ranges and performs self-diagnosis, allowing for measurement in remote or heavy snowfall areas.

Variety of products tailored for specific uses

The ELR200 series includes a variety of product types. In addition to the integral (model ELR 200) and separated types (model ELR200R), the optimal model can be selected with options best suited for a specific use or installation environment, consisting of the floor bracket, indoor/outdoor power supply (100 VAC and 24 VDC), and the cable relay box.

Expanding application area

Water levels are measured by simply hanging the sensor in the water, which means the sensor is easy to install and handle. As long as the measuring range is between 0.1 m and 100 m, it can be applied to any field from waterworks, sewage, rivers, dams, and wells to irrigation.


Major specifications of the ELR200 series immersion-type level transmitter
Measuring method Semiconductor pressure sensor
Wiring Two-wire
Measuring range and accuracyItem Model ELR200, integral type Model ELR200R, separated type
Reference range 1m 20m 60m 100m
Measuring range 0-0.1m to 0-1m 0-1m to 0-20m 0-2m to 0-60m 0-60m to 0-100m
Accuracy for each span 0.1–0.2 m: +/-0.3% of span
0.2–1 m: +/-0.2% of span
1–3 m: +/-0.3% of span
3–20 m: +/-0.2% of span
2–5 m: +/-0.3% of span
5–60 m: +/-0.2% of span
0–100 m: +/-0.2% of span
Output signal 4–20 mA DC
Operating temperature range –10°C to 60°C (non-freezing)
Indicator Model ELR200: 3 1/2 digit actual water level (m) display
Model ELR200R: 4 1/2 digit actual water level (m) display
Diaphragm Material SUS316L
Arrester Built-in (built-in model HR-DS arrester for model ELR200)
Hastelloy C is available as an optional material for model ELR200R.

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