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Intelligent Differential Pressure / Pressure Transmitter N7 Series

The Hitachi intelligent differential pressure / pressure transmitter N7 series can be used to measure flow rate of the liquids, gas and steam, and level and pressure of tanks. It is compact, lightweight, and boasts of a high-performance.


Achieves high reliability

  • Uses a highly-reliable semiconductor complex sensor
  • Since the capsule have fully welded cubic structures free from liquid leakage and feature high reliability

Dual left and right external connection ports

  • Can be set up with either the low pressure side or the high-pressure side of the differential pressure inlet using the communicator.
  • The wiring connection can be connected either from the left or right side, so it is easier to install.

Excellent environmental resistance

  • Can be used up to 29.4m / s2 of vibration
  • Zero adjustment can be done in a non-contact way, offering excellent environmental resistance and unnecessary construction of through holes in the amplifier case.

Selection of communication system

  • HART communicator, which is Hitachi own communication system which uses the DCR-type intelligent communicator, can be selected

Multi-variable function

  • With just one differential pressure transmitter one, you can measure the differential pressure and pressure (static pressure) at the same time, and display and send out the measured output, helping reduce equipment and installation cost.

Superimposes a pressure signal to the difference pressure output of 4~ 20mA, and can do independent analog output from EDB500M type composite converter.

Density pressure correction function (optional)

  • The equipment has a built-in density / pressure correction table of various liquefied gases, and it has now become possible to correct changes caused by density pressure. With its multivariable functions, in just one equipment, the measurement and output of the level of the tank (liquid level) can be performed.

Automatic setting of the between levels correction value

  • At the time of installation of the differential pressure transmitter with remote-sealed diaphragm, when you enter a distance between levels (h) of the high pressure / low pressure flange (h), the temperature effect correction value due to the sealing liquid on the surface is automatically set. In addition, distance between levels can also be measured. Through this function, the correction between levels function of the conventional capillary tube (h part) has become significantly easier to use.


Measurement purposeModelProduct name
Flow rate measurement Differential pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter for high working pressure
Differential Pressure Transmitter with temperature/pressure compensation function
Liquid level measurement Differential Pressure Transmitter with remote-sealed diaphragm
Liquid level transmitter
Liquid level transmitter with remote-sealed diaphragm
Pressure measurement Pressure transmitter
Pressure Transmitter with remote-sealed diaphragm
Absolute pressure measurement Absolute pressure transmitter
Absolute pressure transmitter with remote-sealed diaphragm
Absolute Pressure transmitter with flange
Sanitary type Sanitary differential pressure transmitter
Sanitary liquid level transmitter
Sanitary pressure transmitter
For electricity Differential pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter for high working pressure