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Differential pressure transmitter for high working pressure EDR-N7H

The conventional N6 Series has been upgraded.


Differential pressure and pressure transmitter common specifications
Power supply voltage 11.4 - 42.0V DC (6.7 to 42.0V DC when communication by the communicator)
Output 4 - 20mA DC
Load resistance 600Ω (at 24V DC power supply voltage)
Ambient temperature limitsWaterproof type -20 to 85°C
Explosion-proof type -20 to 55°C
Structure Protection code JIS C 0920 IP67
Amplifier case Aluminum alloy
Electrical connection G1/2
Paint color Light gray amplifier case(acid resistant coating)
EDR-N7H/EDR-N7HE Product standard specification(For optional specifications, please refer to the CS sheet.)
Item/ModelEDR-N7H Differential pressure transmitter for high working pressure (Standard type)
Range code 8000 40000
Settable range limits -80 to 80kPa -400 to 400kPa
Measuring span 2 to 80kPa 20 to 400kPa
Accuracy ±0.2% (depending on the measuring span)
Working pressure limits 0 - 44.1MPa
Wetted parts temperature limits -20 to 120°C
MaterialDiaphragm Hastelloy C
Other wetted parts SUS316
Process connection Rc 1/4(Without oval flange)
Weight Approx. 6.1kg