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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

High-temperature High-vacuum Differential Pressure / Pressure Transmitter

Its unique wetted part structure formed by the latest fabrication technique makes it possible to provide a wide applicable range up to 13.3Pa abs, 310 °C .
Specifically designed for pressure level measurements in a high-temperature high-vacuum environment.


Adoption of high-purity filled liquid

Impurities are eliminated from filled liquid by our own vacuum distillation method.

Adoption of high-temperature dry cleaning method

The filled liquid chamber wall is cleaned in the high-temperature, high-vacuum atmosphere.

Adoption of high-temperature, high-vacuum liquid filled method

Growth of air bubbles is prevented by filling liquid at high temperature under high vacuum.

Adoption of high-temperature, high-vacuum construction

Long-term stability is realized by optimizing the construction of the wetted part.


ModelProduct name
High-Temperature High-Vacuum Differential Pressure Transmitter
High-Temperature High-Vacuum Pressure Transmitter
High-Temperature High-Vacuum Absolute Pressure Transmitter

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