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Select Coat ® SL-940E Conformal Coating System

Can be used in a wide range of solutions from low to high viscosity, can perform high speed liquid agent application to selected areas without any scattering nor mask. Can significantly reduce the usage of solutions and diluting solvents and at the same time greatly improves production efficiency.
It is a system that enables the user to comply with environmental measures; ranging from the reduction in the amount of material used (reduction in VOC), to the adoption of inorganic solvent-based coating.

Special Features

  • For low-viscosity, drip-proof, solvent-type agent: SC-100 film coat / gun
    Retains the material's viscosity, and achieves a stable thin film coating.
  • For high-viscosity, drip-proof, solvent-free agent: SC-300 swirl coat / gun
    Three coating modes with one head
    1.Beat (straight line): can be applied to narrow spaces and in small amounts
    2.Monofilament (spiral): applies with a uniform thickness and can be applied to a wide area without scattering
    3.Swirl (Spray): Can form an ultra-thin coating film in a wide area
  • Can apply to a small area of a high-density mounting: SC-400 jet coat / gun
    Further reduces the need for mask by high precision jet coating to a narrow area
  • Laser-type automatic coating width adjustment: With the use of laser sensor, automatic measurement of coating width of liquid to be applied can be performed
  • Can automatically adjust the coating width to the configured settings
  • Applies coating using the 4-axis tilt mechanism that can make a slope of 0 ± 30 degrees in left to right and back and forth
  • Through the use of an exclusive coating software, coating can easily be taught to robots

Examples of application

  • Automotive board (ECU)
  • Power conditioner control board
  • Air conditioning, home appliances, general consumer appliances
  • Elevator, precision equipment, inverter board for railway, industrial electronic board
  • Electronic board for ships, electronic board for Aviation / MIL standards