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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Crystal Blank Mounter

This machine uses conductive adhesive to mount crystal chips (blanks) on SMD crystal device packages.


High speed and high precision

  • Cycle time of 1.3 seconds/piece
    Fastest cycle time in the industry for mounting crystal blanks
  • Blank mounting precision within ±30 µm
    Fully closed control using linear scale equipment
    High speed and high accuracy positioning using rigid twin drives

High reliability

  • Damage-free
    No impact on PKG, avoiding cracks in small and thin PKG

Intelligent functionality

  • Functions for analysis of application quantity, mounting position, etc.
    Application quantity management using software that analyzes application measurement data
    Mounting status management using software that analyzes mounting position measurement data

System Overview

External dimensions W 1300 × D 1200 × H 1700 (excluding Patlite)
Work supported 3225 to 2016 PKG
PKG and blanks supplied PKG tray, mask and blank tray (magazine set) supplied
PKG storage PKG storage tray (magazine set)
Optional extras Clean curing oven and inline connections are available

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