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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Quartz Oscillator Inspection System

This system measures and inspects temperature characteristics of SMD quartz crystal units at high speed.


High speed inspection

  • Cycle time under 1.0 second per piece
    High-speed cycle for inspection of the temperature characteristics of quartz crystals

High accuracy

  • Temperature regulation plate for uniform temperature distribution
    Uniform temperature distribution using Peltier elements for temperature control


  • Change work size by changing carriers and selecting screen models
    A variety of work sizes can be accommodated simply by changing carriers
    Can be configured as a LD/ULD-equipped automatic system in combination with pre- and post-processes such as work supply (tray or parts feeder) and work collection (bulk classification, tray, taping)

System Overview

External dimensions
  • C3: W 2000 × D 1200 × H 1700 (excluding measuring section and Patlite)
  • C5: W 2900 × D 1200 × H 1700 (excluding measuring section and Patlite)
Work supported 5032, 3225, 2520, 2016 PKG
Temperature measurement points
  • C3: 3 points (-40°C to +125°C)
  • C5: 5 points (-40°C to +125°C)
Measurement Instrument   By arrangement (requests for specific instruments can be considered)

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