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SpectrumTMS-920 semiconductor package and fluid dispensing system for mounting board

The fluid dispensing system technology is the best method to apply liquid solution with precision and high speed. Through a dispensing drive that does not have a Z-axis motion, this fluid dispensing system can be used without interference with wires and dies, can improve the duct, and can increase productivity.

Special Features

  • Fluid Dispensing System
  • Dispenser: High speed application up to 200 dots / second
  • Work interference due to needle is prevented, and can be applied even in very small areas
  • Automatic weight control mechanism
    Regularly measures the amount of coating using a built-in electronic balance, gives a high degree of control over liquid solutions that have significant viscosity change, and achieves accuracy in application and improvement in quality at the mass production line.

Examples of application

  • Underfill
    Demonstrate the ability to dispense to fine-pitched packages, which is impossible to do when using needle-type dispensers
    Has a track record of 400% of productivity improvement compared to the conventional method
  • Fluxing
    Forms a mask-less, stable, uniform and ultra-thin flux film at the selected area
  • Silicone fluorescent material coating for LED package
    Reduces the variations in chromaticity and enables the stable control of the pot life and weight of silicone.
  • Other, silver paste, possible small application such as UV resin
    Examples of applications (pictures)



LED fluorescent material coating

Soldering paste

Attaching dies