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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

  1. Junction temperature control in each individual LED element is possible
  2. Can perform measurement of changes of each individual LED element over time with regard to electrical properties and amount of light.
  3. Long hours of passing of electric current and endurance testing can be done and life assessment of each element can be performed
  4. Has a temperature coefficient measurement function (Can make connection with thermostatic bath)
  5. The equipment is composed of one block (8 ch) each, and can be expanded per block in the future (maximum 128 channels)

Main specifications of the equipment

Parameters during power on
Emission for forward current (IF) 10~2000mA
Junction temperature (T) 50~150°C
Number of hours of continuous power on 0.1~999.9hr
Flange temperature 50~150°C
Characteristic test parameters
Small forward voltage measurement for current (If) 10~500µA
Small reverse voltage measuring current (Ir) -10~-200µA
Emission for forward current (IF) 10~2000mA
Amount of light detected (VL) / Evaluation 0.1~5.000V
Forward voltage (VF, Vf) inspection / evaluation 0.1~7.000V
Forward current (Vr) inspection / evaluation -1.0~-30.0V
Other functions
Block 1 Block (can be used up to 8ch)
Expandable up to maximum 16 block (128ch)

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