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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Collaboration with Etrion Corporation on Solar Power Projects

In environment and energy business division, we have been focusing on solar power generation business in Japan by partnering with Etrion Corporation, a global independent solar power producer and a family of Lundin group known as one of the strong presence resource development groups in today’s global industry.
With utilizing Hitachi group’s total strength, we are providing a broad range of services, such as Feasibility Assessment, Equipment Supply, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, for contributing to the realization of sustainable society.

Our Projects

HAL Mito Solar Park:

5-site Mega-solar complex constructed in urban area, located 100km North of Tokyo

HAL Mito Solar Park (Total 5 sites)
Location Mito, Ibaraki
Area 25 ha (total)
DC Capacity 9.3MW (total)
# of Modules 37,000 modules
Utility Tokyo Electric Power
Construction Period 12 months
Operation since August, 2015

Shizukuishi Solar Park:

Overlooking Mount Iwate, one of the largest Mega-Solar in Tohoku Area

Shizukuishi Solar Park
Location Shizukuishi town, Iwate
Area 51 ha
DC Capacity 24.7MW
# of Modules 95,000 modules
Utility Tohoku Electric Power 
Construction Period 25 months
Operation since October, 2016

Aomori Solar Park:

4-site Mega-solar complex constructed in North of Japan

Misawa Solar Park (Total 4 sites)
Location Misawa, Aomori
Area 15 ha (total)
DC Capacity 9.5MW (total)
# of Modules 36,000 modules
Utility Tohoku Electric Power 
Construction Period 12 months
Operation since July, 2017

Komatsu Solar Park (under construction)

On the side of Sea of Japan, located at the foot of Sacred Mt. Hakusan.

Komatsu Solar Park (under construction)
Location Komatsu, Ishikawa
Area 30 ha
DC Capacity 13.2MW
# of Modules 48,000 modules
Utility Hokuriku Electric Power 
Construction Period 15 months
Operation since May, 2018 (planned)