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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

AC Series Features

  • Atmospheric pressure operation
  • Work function and ionization potential can be measured easily.
  • Thickness of thin film and lubricating film can be measured. (Less than 20 nano-meters)
  • Density of states in the vicinity of band gap can be measured.
  • Easy operation , short measuring time(about 5 minutes)


  • Energy scanning range : 3.2-6.2eV


  • Energy scanning range : 4.0-7.0eV
  • Able to measure liquid samples

AC-3 Application

  • OELD, OTFT, Organic film solar cell
  • Photocatalyst
  • Carbon nano tube, Fullerene
  • Carbon thin film, Diamond thin film
  • Cosmetics, Nostrum, Pharmaceutical products
  • OPC
  • Electrode, Lead frame, Silicon wafer, Compound semiconductor wafer
  • Metals for Electrode

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