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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Service & Support

Our measurement control systems provide support for the stable operation of a wide range of systems ranging from social infrastructure facilities such as water and sewerage services, and electricity, to environmental facilities and manufacturing plants.

At the actual site of water and sewerage plants and at power plants where instantaneous stoppage of power cannot be allowed, and at actual sites of manufacturing plants where changes caused by overseas expansion and demands regarding quality, safety, and environment, are considered significant, measurement control systems act as the brains at these sites. We provide not only technical services that support the stable operation of the equipment, but also provide support to the system from various aspects such as design, construction, and remote diagnostics.

Main products

Measurement equipment for each process and production management system for various plants, water quality analyzers, telemetry equipment, PC application system, foreign matter detection device, dioxin precursor monitor, PCB monitor, drug detection equipment, and others.

Hitachi Total instrumentation system

Hitachi electromagnetic flowmeter

Main Services

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM):
    By providing regular maintenance based on the operating status of the equipment, we will ensure the stable operation and maintain the optimum performance of the equipment.
  • Corrective Maintenance (CM):
    We provide various measures such as upgrading PC peripherals, and adding advanced features that ensure power-saving, improvement in user-friendliness, environmental improvement, and other measures that improve reliability and functions.
  • Engineering Support:
    We provide support to small-scale system remodeling based on SLC instrumentation language.
  • Conservation planning and management support:
    We provide support ranging from long-term conservation plan to evaluation and correction in order to ensure stable operation and cost reduction.
  • System management support:
    From measurement and evaluation of the installation environment, to 24-hour management remote support of the system and equipment, and even management of backup media of software and spare parts, we provide support to various aspects of our customers’ system.
  • Training:
    We provide technology and monitoring training that is useful in the field while keeping in mind the needs of our customers.
The services offered may differ depending on the regions.