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HDD Capacity Increasing and Mirroring Modification

Customer can save more data on hard disk, prevent data loss, by increasing the hard disk capacity and adding the mirroring fuction.


  • Mirroring fuction with an external hard disk can avoid system down or loss of user files, when one hard disk fails.
  • Due to the hardware-based disk mirroring function, there is no impact to throughput.
  • Also customer can increase the hard disk capacity dramatically.
  • Customer can minimize the machine down time due to hard disk failure, as the failed hard disk can be replaced and data rebuild can be done automatically during scheduled preventive maintenance work.

Applicable model

  • S-7000 series (S-7800/7800H/7840)
  • S-8000 series (S-8820/8840/8C40)
  • S-9200 series (S-9200/9220/9260/9260A)
  • S-9300 series (S-9300/9360/9380/9380II)
  • Defect review SEM, RS Series (RS-3000/4000/5000)

Comparison table

EWS model (current)Before modificationAfter modification
Hard disk capacityMirroringHard disk capacityMirroring
B132L 2GB N/A 40GB
B132L+ 4GB N/A 80GB
B180L 9GB N/A 80GB
B2600 36GB N/A 80GB
Before modification, it is needed to confirm if extra hard disk has been already added or not.

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