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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

We supply a wide range of components and materials to the electronics industry, such as: integrated circuits for personal computers, semiconductor materials for system LSI, optical communication materials for telecommunications, components for display devices seen in smartphones and projectors, and materials used in solar cells and lithium batteries.

Semiconductor components

  • High-purity silicon
  • Compound semiconductors
  • Sealing materials
  • High-purity chemicals
  • Packaging for electronic parts (cup trays, carrier tape, etc.)
  • Contracted IC assembly
  • Quartz products

Smartphone components

  • Smartphone and tablet components (chemically strengthened glass)
  • Anisotropic conductive film (ACF), circuit boards and electronic components for LCD modules
  • Electronic Components (heat-resistant protective film)
  • Lens for LED

Optical and MEMS components

  • Optical components for projectors and cameras (projection lenses, optical parts)
  • Optical components for vehicles (on-board lenses, camera modules, optical components for HUD)
  • MEMS materials (3D distance image sensor, optical MEMS mirror device)

Electronic equipment and supplies

  • CSP boards for semiconductors
  • Smart card & components
  • Touch panel film
  • Photovoltaic module
  • Lithium ion battery products
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Functional copper foil

RFID system

  • Inlay
  • IC tag
  • IC label
  • Custom tag
  • RFIC for RW
  • RW module
  • Custom RW

FAPC / Peripherals

  • FAPC
  • Motherboard
  • Touch panel computer
  • Industrial use flash memory
  • DIMM
  • Touch panel monitor
  • Multi-touch monitor
  • Monitors
  • LCD Panel
  • LCD monitor

Explosion Protection Products

  • Explosion Protection PDA
  • Explosion Protection Handy terminal


  • Inlay
  • IC tag
  • IC label
  • Custom tag
  • RFIC for RW
  • RW module
  • Custom RW

Prismatic Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

  • Battery cell for smartphones

Security Solution

  • Finger Vein Authentication Product
  • Security Camera
  • Digital Video Recorder

Electron Source

The Electron Source

  • CeBix®
  • LaB6


  • Microcontroller
  • ASIC
  • ASSP
  • Power supply IC
  • USB Interface Controller IC


  • Crystal unit
  • Crystal oscillator
  • Real-time clock module
  • Sensor
  • SAW filter

Energy Harvesting

  • Thermal Energy Harvester
  • Thin-film Thermo-generator
  • ElementLight of the sun panel

Material for Blu-ray / DVD disks

  • Ultraviolet rays cure acrylic resin
  • Ag alloy target materials
  • Azo dye
  • Stamper

Other devices

  • Water-Cooling Systems
  • Anneal Systems
  • Safety Control Systems
  • Various Resisters