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Company Profile

Company Name Japan Fine Ceramics Co., LTD.
Location Sendai, Miyagi, JAPAN
Established April 5, 1984
Capital 300 Million Yen
Net Sales
(FY ended 3/30/2019)
8,800 Million Yen
Number of Employees 460

Company Feature


  • In-house material
    - Al2O3(99.9%, 99.5%), Zirconia
  • Outsourcing material
    - AlN(170/200/230W/m・K), Quartz, Black Alumina etc.


  • High precise fine patterning (L/S=20µm/15µm)
  • Side Pattern
  • Thin film resistor
  • Step fabrication
  • Grooves
  • Via (Cu Filled, Through Via, Castellation)


  • EML, PD, MPD Carrier
  • RF bridge/RF Launcher
  • Optical Bench/Board

New Material

SiN Substrate = Under-development =

  • Coefficient thermal expansion
    - 2.5 x 10-6/K (RT ~400℃)
  • Flexural strength (bending)
    - 700 MPa
  • Thermal Conductivity
    - 90 W/m・K
  • Fracture toughness
    - 6 MPa・m 1/2

Development Technologies

Patterning on stepped surface

  • Advantage
    - Cost effective to eliminate jointing process
    - Enables monolithic design

Development Product

Cu Thick Submount for High Power Laser Applications= Under-development =

  • Metallization configuration
    - Ti(0.07µm)/Pd(0.12µm)/Cu(75µm)/Ni(0.5µm)/Au(1.5µm MIN)

Characteristics of discrete semiconductor devices are often undermined due to the heat that is generated from inside module. To solve this, mounted substrates require heat dissipation, electric insulation and CTE which matches semiconductor chips.

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