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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Industrial chemical

Semi-conductor processing chemical, LCD processing chemical, Water treatment chemical

Refrigerating cycle relative products

Refrigeration oil, Refrigerant, Magnet, Vibration damper, Other materials

Import Chemical

Urethane catalyst, Amine based solvent (aliphatic amine), Alkyl carbonate

Polar solvent



We efficiently operate our petroleum complexes and supply facilities, which are outfitted with the best security and controls, and our stable supply of pressure gas, liquefied gas, and fuel oil has received marks.
Industrial usage : LSA fuel oil, kerosene, Diesel/light fuel oil, Propane gas, Butane gas Vehicle usage : Diesel/light fuel oil, Gasoline, Cards, Aqueous solution of urea (AdBlue)


Superior lubricants will reduce the load on our environment, contribute to energy efficiency, and work to improve fuel usage.
We propose cutting oil, which is environment friendly, such as barium-free and non-PRTR products, in addition to diesel oil, which is an improvement upon fuel, and hydraulic oil, which reduces power usage at your facilities, in our engagements to make contributions to energy-efficiency and eco-friendly activities of our customers. Hydraulic oil, Cutting oil, Insulating oil, Other various lubricants

Industrial gas

Our customers’ manufacturing sites swiftly through our network of major high-pressure gas producers. We are able to provide solutions to your various needs, including delivery by petroleum truck, onsite supply, and smaller deliveries.
Liquid nitrogen (LN2), Argon gas (Ar), Hydrogen gas (H2), Other various industrial gases


Refrigerant recycling business, Recycled resin, Refuse Plastic Fuel (from urethane foam waste)

Other materials

Design part for consumer products, Design part for car/industrial Painting, Print, Various plating, Various coating, Magnet
Heat measures part, Special carbon product, Target materials Material for air conditioning / freezing / refrigeration apparatus


Glycol ether, Fluorochemical, Catalyst, Silicon, Ion exchange resin