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The ion beam etching machine applies a voltage to the electrically neutral plasma generated in the ion source by means of an accelerating electrode to give it a positive electric potential. And it is an ion beam etching machine that accelerates ions from the electrode holes and collides with the processing material for fine processing.

The unique bucket ion source enables machining with even and parallel beams. We have a wide variety of sizes from small to large, and can be made to order.

It is applied to a variety of applications, including MEMS, sensors, power devices, high-frequency devices, and optical devices, supporting the manufacture of core devices on IoT.


  • High-rate high-power etching
  • High uniform processing by even and parallel beam
  • Micro fabrication to hard-to-etch materials is possible.
  • Work piece materials can also be machined like three-dimensional shape

Applications and Features by Type

Compact ion beam etching machine

It is a compact device suitable for research and development and small volume production.

Single wafer type ion beam etching machine

This is a mass production machine that processes single wafers using a cassette to cassette.

Batch type ion beam etching machine

This is machine for mass production that processes cassette-to-cassette like a batch.