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Understand how your samples will perform with Hitachi thermal analyzers.

Product quality is crucial to the success of your business. With exceptional baseline stability and sensitivity across the range, Hitachi thermal analyzers give you uncompromised quality control and enable you to reach the next level in research and development. Seeing is believing with our unique Real View® technology, which allows you to visually capture what is happening in your furnace in real time, giving you greater insights than with standard thermal analysis data alone.

The advantages of the Real View Thermal Analysis System

  1. Because the information you have obtained has increased, it now becomes easier to analyze data
  2. You can obtain the resulting knowledge from phenomena that you have not noticed until now
  3. It will be easier to analyze the causes of abnormal phenomena

Real View® Thermal Analysis seen in videos

Introducing the Real View Thermal Analysis




  • Troubleshooting
  • Teaching
  • Colour change of polymer in process and usage
  • Colour change of optical film for display
  • Oxidative degradation of oil
  • Paints, inks, foods and cosmetics
  • And more!

Real View library

TG-CMYK analysis of heat sensitive paper (38 sec)

DSC-RGB color analysis of engine oil (19 sec)

TG Real View measurement of PP alone (48 sec)

TG Real View measurement of PP & CNC (38 sec)

Technical report (measurement example)

Technical report (measurement example)
TA No.115 Evaluation of yellowing of the transparent resin by color analysis
TA No.114 The color analysis of the decomposition of PP/CNC composites
TA No.111 Color analysis on Real View® TA
TA No.100 Time Degradation of Rubber Bands
TA No.99 Observation of Solder Wires by Real View® TG Measurements
TA No.98 New STA for Sample Observation During Measurement
TA No.92 Thermal Analysis of Polyvinyl Chloride Slip-proof Sheet
TA No.88 Real View®TG/DTA measurements of decomposition of adhesive
TA No.80 Real View®DSC Measurement of Foamed Polystyrene
TA No.79 RV-DSC Measurement of Thermal Expansion Capsules
TA No.78 Compatibility Observation of LDPE and HDPE using RV-DSC
TA No.77 Real View® DSC of Pharmaceuticals, Salicin
TA No.76 Observation of the Decomposition Behavior of PET by using Real View® TG
TA No.73 You can see the sample change during measurement with the Sample Observation Unit
TA No.24 Observing a sample during DSC measurement
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  • * "Real View" is a registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation in the US, the EU, the UK, China, India, Turkey, Brazil and Japan.