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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

This is an example of a non-destructive mapping measurement of an IC package using the EA6000VX HS Finder, allowing you to grasp the distribution status of internal metal elements and the presence of high concentrations of lead.

Mapping is done from the top of the package


Measurement Conditions

Voltage: 50kV
Current: 1000µA
Beam size: 0.5mm beam
1 point size: 0.5mm
Time: 5ms/point
No. of frames: 3 times

Sample Image

Ag (silver) map

Au(gold) map

Pb (lead) map

Sn (tin) map

Sample image and Element map superimposed

Element maps are superimposed on the sample image.
Displays overlapping Sn (red), Ag (blue, and Au (green). Non-destructive analysis to element specification and shape of internal structure. By using the designated area integrated spectrum display function, detailed analysis from spectrum is performed even of information difficult to determine from the image only.