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Equipped with high-speed mapping function, EA6000VX enables complex measurement that has been difficult with conventional analyzers. EA6000VX meets such requirements as measurement of microscopic areas without disassembling the product, and management of hazardous substances over the entire board.

Various Mapping Applications by EA6000VX

Contaminant Mapping Analysis

Conventionally, contamination analysis uses a microbeam to irradiate comparitively large contaminants and by observation with unaided eyes or a microscope, but in this case no more than element analysis can be performed.

The EA6000VX enables detection of an entire sample and contamination less than several tens of µm in size through high sensitivity and by high speed mapping.

Measurement Examples

  • Contaminant analysis of ferrite powder
  • Contaminant analysis of Sealing material
  • Analysis of metal contaminant in Diamond tools

Pb 1000 ppm mapping

Two dimensional mapping of elements at low concentrations is possible by overlapping mapping repetitions, but this requires an enormous amount of time using conventional instruments. With EA6000VX, 1000 ppm level Pb mapping is possible in 30 minutes* by overlapping mapping repetitions.

Time required in the example below. Time may differ with conditions.

Measurement Example: Mapping of Pb-free board

  • Map area: 60 mmx 60mm
  • Beam size:1.2 mm square
  • Mapping reps: 16 times
  • One point measuring time: 8 ms
  • Time required: 30 minutes

See-through mapping

Beginning with Pb on internal boards, various mapping images of elements can be obtained without taking apart products with unknown internal structures, such as laptop computers and cell phones. By comparing mapping images of elements obtained by penetrating X-rays, various information can be obtained about the structure and internal components.

See-through mapping enables you to easily inspect for the existence of targeted elements without disassembling the sample product.

Area integrated spectrum function

An integrated spectrum can be displayed by designating any area of the mapping image. This is because spectral information is held in each pixel. The existence of an element can be determined and simple composition integration is also possible by verifying spectrum for information difficult to identify only from a mapping image.

Meeting Your Needs for High Sensitivity in Micro Areas

Continuous multi-point measurements

Up to 500 points can be set and continuously measured as with an auto-sampler. Measuring large number of samples exhibits tremendous throughput.

Multi-point continuous measurements

Labar savings by setting up to 500 points for auto continuous measuring

Example of RoHS analysis

In a sample that combines multiple substances, measuring can be done by using a micro X-ray beam aimed at a specific spot.

Example of Cd analysis in a Cu alloy

Cd analysis of harness material

High speed measurement of trace metals in micro-areas

Rapid measurement of trace metals and thin films in microscopic areas.

Cd, Pb, Cr in Brass Pb in Sn Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, Cr in Plastic
3 mm Square 80sec 40sec 70sec
1.2 mm Square 150sec 40sec 80awc
The detection lower limit of Cd is 30 ppm and the other elements is 200 ppm

Measure Cl concentration in PCB assemblies

To meet halogen-free needs, high sensitivity in microscopic areas is realized in measuring Cl and Br. Since the irradiation method is top-down, pinpoint measurement positioning is possible even on boards that have uneven surfaces.

Microscopic area coating thickness measurements

The EA6000VX is capable of coating thickness measurements typical of the FT series including coating thickness measurement of ultra-thin Au films. Analysis of hazardous substances such as Pb in plating can be measured simultaneously with coating thickness measurements. For example, possibilities include composition measurement of hazardous substances in Pb-free solder plating, Sn plating of lead frames, and electroless Ni plating.

Analysis of Sn-Ag/Cu

  • Area: 1.2mm square
  • Film FP method Time:
    • 100 sec (Pb filter)
    • 30 sec (no filter)
Thick Comp ratio Haz Sub
Sn-Ag [µm] Ag [wt%] Pb [ppm]
1 5.34 2.83 291
2 5.30 2.63 297
3 5.31 2.64 347
4 5.34 2.73 303
5 5.31 2.67 329
6 5.33 2.67 334
7 5.33 2.75 291
8 5.30 2.74 262
9 5.35 2.72 303
10 5.36 2.91 308
AV. 5.33 2.73 306.5
SD 0.02 0.09 24.6
CV 0.4% 3.2% 8.0%

Au/Ni/Cu coating thickness

  • Area: 0.2mm square
  • Cal method
  • Time: 30 seconds
Au [µm] Nl [µm]
1 0.054 5.11
2 0.055 5.11
3 0.054 5.12
4 0.055 5.08
5 0.054 5.10
6 0.055 5.13
7 0.053 5.08
8 0.053 5.09
9 0.054 5.08
10 0.055 5.14
AV. 0.054 5.14
SD 0.008 0.02
CV 1.5% 0.4%

Technologically Enhanced Operability

High Resolution

Able to obtain 250x200 mm wide area sample images with technology that ensures high positioning precision by maintaining 20 µm resolution throughout the entire area.

Position Designation

Digital zoom is done by simply rotating the mouse wheel, allowing you to check part numbers on a board at any location on even wide sample images (left).


Height adjustment is done manually by top-down irradation type XRF analyzers, but the EA6000VX has an auto approach function that automatically approaches the results of an auto sample hieght measurement using a laser sensor. This not only improves operability but prevents damaging the instrument or a sample by mistakes in operation.

High Precision Overlap Function

High precision analysis over a wide area is enabled by the complete overlap of sample image and mapping image by employing a telecentric optic system and high precision XY stage. With a non-telecentric lens, analysis is very difficult without matching points specified on the sample image with points on the mapping image when measuring undulating samples.

By overlapping the sample image and mapping image, areas that contain target elements are easily specified. Position precision of overlapping is within 100 µm.
Overlapping sample images up to a maximum of 3 elements and sequence change is possible. Many tools, such as semi-transparent display and hue adjustment of overlapping images, are provided, greatly improving analysis performance.

Pb analysis by high precision overlapping

Figure 1. Pb displayed on surface

Figure 2. Sn displayed on surface

From figure 1 we see that Pb is contained in both A and B. From figure 2 we see that Sn is contained only in A. In other words, A is Pb in solder and B is Pb in chip resistors.

Continuous measurement reporting

Measurement results are transferred to Excel by one-click. Results, such as sample information, date of measurement, etc., can be verified in a list. By clicking on the sample number, a quatitative report that includes conditions, the sample image, and spectrum are created in an A4 format and used as the measurement report.