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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

In many life-science fields, electron microscopy has contributed in a large number of ways, including the discovery of viruses, prevention of infection, clarification of the structure of organelles, drug development, and food safety. It is utilized in a wide variety of fields, such as molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, botany, clinical pathology, pharmacology, and toxicology. It is also used to investigate cell structures and their functions, the ultrastructure of biomolecules and proteins, and three-dimensional structures. Hitachi High-Tech provides highly advanced tools for life-science applications, such as TEM systems that can be used with ultra-thin sections to investigate the internal structure of cells, and SEM and FIB-SEM systems for three-dimensional structural observations.


Ultra-high Resolution
Scanning Electron Microscope SU9000

SU9000 is the top-of-the-line SEM equipped with cold FE electron source and in-lens objective lens with least aberration, and achieves the world's highest SE resolution of 0.4nm. In addition to high resolution STEM with 0.34nm resolution, EELS and diffraction that are usually considered difficult for SEM can also be supported.

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Ultra-high Resolution
Scanning Electron Microscope
Regulus Series

Regulus series combine cold FE electron source and semi in-lens objective lens for ultrahigh resolution imaging of large samples. Depending on sample size and analytical purpose, 4 models with different stage are available.

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Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope

The SU7000 is designed to allow simultaneous acquisition of multiple secondary and backscattered electron signals, and enables rapid capture of many types of signals. With the ability to display and store up to 6 signal channels simultaneously, the SU7000 offers unsurpassed imaging performance. In addition, it provides a flexible of specimen chamber and vacuum system to support the broad range of observational conditions. Moreover, the electron gun—with its built-in Schottky emitter—can provide irradiating beam currents of up to 200 nA. The SU7000 is built to accommodate the full diversification of future analytical methods.

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Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SU5000

SU5000 combines Schottky emission electron source and out-lens objective lens for high resolution imaging and diverse analyses of samples with various sizes and compositions. Its drawer type stage allows applications with special stages such as heating, tensile, and so on. Unique user interface, EM Wizard supports best SEM experience of every user.

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Scanning Electron Microscopes SU3800 / SU3900

Hitachi High-Tech's scanning electron microscopes SU3800/SU3900 deliver both operability and expandability. The operator can automate many operations and efficiently utilize their high performance. The SU3900 is equipped with a large multipurpose specimen chamber to accommodate observation of large samples.

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Scanning Electron Microscope FlexSEM 1000 / FlexSEM 1000 II

FlexSEM 1000 employs thermionic electron source and achieves resolution of 4.0nm with its compact design ready for desktop setup. Low vacuum mode allows rapid observation of insufficiently conductive samples without metal coating to prevent charging. Optional Ultra Variable pressure Detector (UVD) enhance surface imaging capability of samples under low vacuum environment.

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Tabletop Microscopes TM4000Ⅱ / TM4000PlusⅡ

Newly released TM4000 II series provide 20kV accelerating voltage and also allow wide area of SEM observation by adding Multi Zigzag function (Option) Tabletop Micro scope offers further enhanced observation and analysis application world.

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Transmission Electron Microscope
HT7800 Series

HT7800 series are 120kV digital TEM with enhanced operability. High-resolution screen camera and Image Navigation function ensure comfortable digital operation in a lighted environment. HT7800 offers wide-area, high-contrast imaging while HT7830 realizes best-in-class resolution.

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Real-time 3D analytical FIB-SEM

SEM column and FIB column are orthogonally arranged to optimize column layout for 3D structural analysis. FE electron source and its unique detection geometry enable high resolution SEM imaging at beam coincident point. 3D-EDS and 3D-EBSD can be performed without moving the stage. Employing micro-sampling and triple beam system, high quality samples can be prepared for TEM and atom probe.

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Focused Ion and Electron Beam System
Ethos NX5000

The Hitachi Ethos FIB-SEM incorporates the latest-generation FE-SEM with superb beam brightness and stability. Ethos delivers high-resolution imaging at low voltages combined with ion optics for nanoscale precision processing.

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General-purpose Small Unit

Hitachi's general-purpose atomic force microscope, Model AFM5100N, features superior ease of use, a wide range of capabilities, and extraordinary performance. The breakthrough hardware option, the self-sensing detector, doesn't require laser and detector alignments and thus can effectively simplify AFM operation. As a full-featured system in support of high-resolution and multifunctional AFM measurements, the AFM5100N offers a wide variety of advanced modes, including the proprietary sampling intelligent scan (SIS), which delivers previously unattainable results for very challenging samples.

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Environment Control Unit

The Hitachi research-grade AFM5300E offers significantly improved sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution of electromagnetic property measurements operated under high-vacuum conditions. Furthermore, it establishes a benchmark for comprehensive environmental control and is the only tool on the market affording AFM imaging in air/liquid/vacuum, a broad temperature range (-120 °C to 800 °C), magnetic field or humidity controls, as well as correlated AFM/SEM/ion milling investigations.

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