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Hitachi 300 kV HF-3300 In situ SEM/STEM Observation Work Won a Poster Award in RSC Tokyo Int'l Conference 2013

In the RSC Tokyo International Conference 2013(Sep.5-6, 2013), a poster on Hitachi HF-3300 in situ SEM/STEM imaging won a poster award, in its Flash Presentation & Poster Session.

The Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC) organized the RSC Tokyo International Conference 2013 during JASIS 2013(Sep.4-6, 2013), the largest analytical and scientific instruments show in Asia.

In the conference, plenary lectures were given by worldwide distinguished researchers, meanwhile the Flash Presentation & Poster Session provided a platform for reporting recent development and application of biochemistry, biophysics and analytical instruments.

A poster presented by Takeshi Sato et al. of Hitachi High-Tech won a poster award, it reported a new progress in developing a field emission 300 kV HF-3300 gas environmental TEM and its applications on in situ simultaneous SEM/STEM imaging of Pt/C catalysts.

Award-winning poster:
In situ SEM/STEM simultaneous observation of platinum catalysts in gas atmosphere using a 300 kV Cold FE TEM

Award winners:
Takeshi Sato, Hiroaki Matsumoto, Isao Nagaoki, Yasuhira Nagakubo, Toshie Yaguchi