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nano scale roller coaster

nano scale roller coaster

© Shuichi Takeuchi, Mine Nakagawa (Hitachi Science Systems, Ltd.)
© Mitsugu Sato, Atsushi Takane, Takeshi Ogashiwa (Hitachi High-Tech corporation)
© Shouji Yoshida (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.)

At last, the amusement park of the nano scale was established.
This image is an example of observing the carbon nano-tube that the utilization to electron source of the flat displays panel and hydrogen storage elements of the fuel cell, etc., was observed by an in-lens FE-SEM. By using the focal depth expansion function, the aspect of the carbon nano-tubes with which intricately intertwine is observed clearly.
Someday in the near future, you might zoom out a visitor at this park.

At 58th photo contest hosted by the Japanese Society of Electron Microscopy in 2002.


  • Specimen: Carbon Nanotube
  • Instrument: Scanning Electron Microscope S-5200
  • Magnification: × 50,000
  • Accelerating voltage: 5 kV
All information related to these photographers is based on the information when the photo was taken.
This work was presented at the "photo contest" hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy.
Reproduction or republication without permission prohibited.
"nanoart" is registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in Japan.