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Micro Diamond Ring

Micro Diamond Ring

© Yasushi Kuroda, Toshie Yaguchi, Takeo Kamino (Hitachi Science Systems, Ltd.)
© Tsuyoshi Oonishi (Hitachi High-Tech corporation)

The center photograph shows a secondary electron (SE) image of the smallest diamond ring in the world. The surrounding photographs are scanning ion microscope (SIM) images, which show the creation process.
A piece of coiled tungsten with a 30 µm diameter was cut using an established FIB micro-sampling technique to make the disk. A 10 µm -diameter gemstone was selected, placed, and secured to the ring using a micro-manipulator and FIB metal deposition. The result is"a brilliant 5~10-9carat diamond ring".

Gold Prize. At 60th photo contest hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy (8APEM) in 2004.


  • Instrument for making Micro Diamond Ring : Focused Ion Beam System FB-2100
  • Magnification: X 700(1), X 1,200(2-12), X 3,000(13-19)
  • Accelerating voltage: 40 kV
  • Instrument: Ultra-thin Film Evaluation System HD-2300
  • Magnification: X 2,000(20)
  • Accelerating voltage: 200 kV
All information related to these photographers is based on the information when the photo was taken.
This work was presented at the "photo contest" hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy.
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